Weather Forecast for:
Abbotsford Airport

Updated: Jun 25, 2017 at 7:02 PM

Sun PM
Jun 25

Low: 16 ºC

Jun 26

High: 23 ºC
Low: 11 ºC

Jun 27

High: 22 ºC
Low: 11 ºC

Jun 28

High: 22 ºC
Low: 12 ºC

Jun 29

High: 24 ºC
Low: 12 ºC


Correlating Degree Days to Crop Production

Question: I was wondering if one could loosely correlate degree days to crop production over the province of BC. Realizing that just because you have a certain degree day does not mean that that location might be right for the crop, but crops wouldn't require different degree days in different locations of BC correct?

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